Welcome to the Strike Finder Sound Sensor Knowledge Base!


Tips and tricks for getting the best results out of your new Strike Finder™ product.  You’ll find articles and posts on how to master our sound sensor and get that incredible shot here in the knowledge base.

Capturing Explosions

Today we’re starting small scale with balloon pops. I’ll take you through the set up so you can create your own balloon pops and hopefully spark your imagination to make your own explosions.

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Capturing Fireworks with a Strike Finder

Of course you can capture fireworks without a Strike Finder, but it’s so much easier and automatic with the Strike Finder. Using the Strike Finder allows you to enjoy watching the fireworks AND capturing photos at the same time! Capturing fireworks is super easy with...

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Fireworks captured with the Strike Finder

Photo credit: Jeremy McGowan, taken with Strike Finder Pro Did  you know that Strike Finders are great at capturing fireworks? Strike Finders are able to detect the inferred pulses in the fireworks, just as in lightning. Select the settings on your camera as you...

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How to capture a high-speed bullet in a photograph

Alright, so you're thinking, how'd they do that?!?! Well, besides setting your camera on photo burst going through a few dozen cases of bullets, which may eventually work, our reflexes simply aren't fast enough to get the shot you're looking for. Instead, you have to...

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Every now and then, we get to step away from the day-to-day operations of the business and have some fun! And what can be more fun than shooting a rifle and capturing the blazing speed of a bullet at the precise moment! We're working on an upcoming video tutorial that...

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