drop_cap_icon_strikefinderWe’ve compiled a few videos that explain our products, how to use them or offer tips and tricks on how to use our products to capture breath-taking images.

Lightning storm over the water, Freeport, Texas. We set up our Strike Finder Touch and enjoyed the show! Strike Finder, camera trigger enables you to capture lightning photos you won’t otherwise be able to.

Motion Sensor

Hummingbirds captured with Strike Finder™ Touch motion sensor.

Check out the hummingbirds! The Strike Finder™ motion sensor allows you to capture photos easily! We simply placed the motion sensor close to the hummingbird feeder in our back yard, plugged the Strike Finder™ Touch into the camera, set the focus, etc. and had a cup of coffee while the Strike Finder™ camera trigger did the work.

Camera settings:  ISO 1250, 1/8000, f 2.8

Sound Sensor

With the amazing Strike Finder™ Touch

Lightning Photography

This was one of our first videos we ever put together!

Taking a photo of a bullet

This video demonstrates how to use the Sound trigger of the Elite or Pro II to capture pictures of bullets

Time Lapse Photography

Using an intervalometer

Time Lapse Photography

Using an Intervalometer

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