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All sensors and one cable are included, choose your camera make and model below so we can include the proper cable.

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The Strike Finder™ Pro is the mid-level unit in our camera trigger line-up. It boasts three unique functions making it one of the best camera triggers on the market today.

It is designed to be triggered by lightning, lasers, or time lapse.

When in Lightning mode, it can capture lightning day or night depending on how far the storm is. Additionally, it boasts a new sensitivity adjustment allowing you to adjust how sensitive it responds to lightning strikes. Since lightning strikes can last for several hundred milliseconds (ms) and contain dozens of strokes, the Strike Finder™ Elite has plenty of opportunity to catch the ultimate strike. The device senses and triggers the lightning in 1ms!

The Laser Trigger was designed to capture anything that breaks the beam from water droplets to people walking through it. Once the laser has been tripped, the device instantly sends a signal to the camera telling it to release the shutter (external laser pointer required). The shutter releases about 45-60ms later, depending on the camera.

The built-in intervalometer  allows you to do time lapse photography for infinity (as long as the battery lasts) and up to 10 minutes between shots. It’s so easy to use, just simply set the interval by adjusting the dial on the front of the device.


• Lightning can be DANGEROUS. Remember Safety First!

•The Strike Finder™ is not waterproof. It should be treated and handled with the care of a camera and should not be dropped and/or exposed to extremes of heat or moisture.


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Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4.94 x 2.75 x 1.25 in
Recommended Settings

Keep camera "awake", read your manual to prevent it from going into hibernate mode.

Set the lens to MF (manual focus).

Set the camera to shutter or aperture mode. Do not use the Auto.

Night use recommended settings: 0.3"-1/8", f 1.8 – 7.1 adjust as needed.

Day use recommended settings: 1/8" – 1/30", f 1.8 – 7.1 adjust as needed ISO 200 – 400

Your Strike Finder™ Pro ships with the following items in the box:

• Strike Finder™ Pro
• Camera cable
• One 9 volt battery

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