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Tips and tricks for getting the best results out of your new Strike Finder™ product.  You’ll find articles and posts on how to master our triggers or get that incredible shot here in the knowledge base.

Water Drop – Basic Set Up using Strike Finder Touch

Water drop photography is so addicting! This is the first in a series of How to Shoot Water Drops. The focus of this video is to show a basic set up to begin shooting. There are many ways to take water drops, but this is an introduction to the set up. [embedyt]...

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Anatomy of a water drop

I've been playing with water drops this week. If you haven't tried them for yourself, they're highly addictive and loads of fun! I created an animation of 160 stills to show how a water drop falls.

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In Focus – High Speed Photography

It's our pleasure to introduce you to our new bi-monthly photography digest, "In Focus".  Read on to see what other high speed enthusiasts are up to, and some fun DIY projects. Liquid Art We had fun prototyping our new electronic drip system. We made it specifically...

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